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Codename SIC

     Codename SIC brings imaginary worlds to life through Art and Writing in an innovative way. Browse the selection of Powderings, Drawings, Graphic Posters, Tee Shirts, and Glass Art to see if any of the numerous styles suits your tastes.

     Contact us if you would like to special order an Anime Figurative, Lithic Art piece, Poster, Tee Shirt, or any other special request.

     Thank you for stopping by!

     Team Codename SIC


Our Artists 

     Our Chief Artist is Si Black. A self-taught artist, Si has enjoyed experimenting with all forms of art since childhood. Si specializes in graphic pencil drawings and two original art forms: Powdering and Anime Figuratives.

     In addition to Si, there are currently three other artists working at Codename SIC. Together, they have experience in drawing, oil painting, powdering, tattoo design, sculpting, caricatures, cartoons, landscapes, figuratives, graphic art, and lithic art..


Anime Figuratives

& Powderings 

     Anime Figuratives blends two of Si's favorite topics: Art & Anime/Manga. An Anime Figurative is a realistic drawing with an anime twist: the face has anime features. See an example in our gallery, titled: Lil O. Lovers of anime and manga truly enjoy and appreciate this style of artwork.

     Powdering requires only colored dry powder, a specially modified paintbrush, a canvas (or good quality stock art paper), and a log of technique! It is a long, painstaking process of layering and blending, which can take months to achieve the desired effect. All Powderings have a final coating of permanent clear gloss finish carefully applied to each piece, keeping the integrity of the artwork intact. See an example in our gallery, titled: Ruby. As you will note, Powdering has quite a unique, yet realistic appearance. 


Flint Knapping

     In addition to Anime Figuratives and Powderings, our artists work in the ancient craft of Lithic Art. Most Lithic Artist prefer flint, but our artist use glass as their preferred medium. Flint Knapping requires skilled techniques to fracture a piece of glass in a way that it chips in a desire manner. This allows the artist to shape the glass into such popular shapes as arrowheads, hearts, crescent moons, and clovers. The glass edges are always blunted for safety reasons. Afterward, we polish, color, and seal each piece. A final coat of resin is applied to each piece to give it added strength.

Graphic Posters

& T-Shirts

     Codename SIC also specializes in turning original Powderings and graphite/color pencil drawings into Graphic Art Posters, and Graphic T-Shirts. Using graphic art techniques allows for some unique effects, such as with Midnight Dreary, above. Utilizing graphic design techniques also allows our artists to being a new element to their artwork, creating such pieces as, the Speedy Comics, or the waterfall effect on our popular Scenic Pastel Powderings, as well as, the unique puzzle effect in the Powdering, The Cross that Humanity Bears, to name a few.


Painting & Drawing

All of our artist enjoy working in traditional mediums, such as painting and drawing. Together, our artists have experience in drawing, oil painting, tattoo design, sculpting, caricatures, cartoons, landscapes, figuratives, and graphic art. We will continue to add new work here and on our social media sites, so check back often to see what we are up to.



     Our Chief Writer is Silver, who is also a Chief Writer/Senior Reviewer at Weekend Notes, so be sure to check out Silver's articles, heart them, and subscribe! 


The Novel, Poetry,

& Blogging,

Oh My!

     There are also a few writers in the collective, as well. Current projects include a novel, unique poems with a complex rhyming scheme, and blogging for an Artist/Writer Blog. So stay tuned to this space for all updates!

     The Art/Writer Blog will be online in 2019!